Who Am I and Why I am here ?


site de rencontre pour jeune de 12 ans Hi! I am Nimra Arain, a 29 years old, single and not looking for rishtas, happy in my own world, a career oriented simple yet sassy desi woman living in the United States.

http://laprovence.sk/familjarnosty/4159 My parents actually named me Nimra Talib, but Arain (Surname) was added to my name, when I was filling out my GCE (O’Levels) application and it stuck with me forever, and I kinda like it now 😉

http://www.hawkerucc.org/monaxinja/3441 I was born in Karachi, Pakistan,  and moved to USA around 9 years ago. Since then life has been different than I imagined, but I managed and I am very proud of where I stand in life on my own. (Desi Girl Power!)

rencontre trainou By graduation, I am a biologist, but the inner me is now convinced (in last 4 years) that I can’t really be in a lab all day long, running bacteria tests, working with cells, etc. This is way too serious (and slightly boring) for me, so I’m still exploring my options (nothing wrong with that!).

single party silvester 2015 hannover Yes, I don’t believe in the typical desi timeline, where if you are lucky you get your degree by the age of 24 and then you HAVE TO get married, others get married before depending on the cast and family, have kids and then they  work hard for their kids (and then die!).

forum cherche jeune homme au pair My life was totally different from my fellow age mates, and now I am kind of happy that things turned out the they way they are. I will get into that later someday (cuz I tell ya, that’s an interesting story 😛 ). Anyhow, so why I am here and why The Sassy Desi?

music du film rencontre a wicker park I have been thinking about starting a blog for the longest time but didn’t had the right moment to make it happen. The Sassy Desi, is my innovative outlet  focusing mainly on DIY projects, food, travel, beauty, life hacks and obvious topics people are afraid to talk about.

http://josiart.at/rete/120 I will leave with this quote:

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Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “Who Am I and Why I am here ?

  1. Savera says:

    buy diltiazem This is really great Nimra!! Looking forward to more blogs:-) I am coming across more and more desi gals who are very content in their lives, without following the desi life timeline set by parents or traditions.
    I find that very empowering, and I am totally up for it if my girls want to be that way too.
    One has to find their own happiness. No one else will find it for you!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    This is a great blog Nimra, congratulations !!! I’d be looking forward to more blog posts, particularly the ones on travel and DIY projects 🙂
    Happy Writing!

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